Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality

Office of the Executive Mayor

The Office of the Executive Mayor is the strategic link between administration and political principals. The legislative mandate of this is to:

  • Provide democratic and accountable govermant for local communities.
  • Ensure sustainable provision of services to communities.
  • Promote social and economic development.
  • Encourage communities and their organisation to become involved in local government matters.

Political Governance

This office has an Executive Mayor with delegated powers and authority, as per the Municipal Structures Act. The Executive Mayor appointed a Mayoral Committee which has operated on a full time basis. The members of the Mayoral Committee are also the Chairpersons of the standing Committees of Council .

The office of the Executive Mayor performs the following functions:

Oversee Management of, and ensure processes related to activities in the office of the Executive Mayor by:

  • Facilitating the prioritisation of programmes and projects in the department that leads to the draft capital budget.
  • Ensure inter-departmental co-operation in terms of Inter-governmental Relations (IGR) processes.
  • Facilitate public participation engagements.
  • Facilitate IGR engagements.
  • Analyse the external and internal environment for issues, gaps and early warning signs.
  • To promote integration by balancing the required in the implementation, and by coordinating actions across sectors and spheres of government.

Establishing networking between the different spheres of government and with other government bodies by:

  • Regular meetings with other government bodies (national, provincial and local).
  • Co-ordinate strategic reporting to other spheres of government.
  • Participate in workshops and hearings relating to strategic management.
  • Policy and strategic management support to Political IGR.
  • Action summaries of immediate issues.
  • Forwarding agenda items and agenda setting for IGR structures.
  • Policy management and support the cascading of items between the respective departments and structures.
  • Representing the Municipality at IGR and other forums related to the office of the mayor.
  • Communicating with the Mayor where he is responsible as political head according to legislation to support the concerted effort by government in all spheres to work together and to integrate their actions in the provision of services as far as possible.

Community Participation.

Establishes a working partnership between the decision-making authority and the affected communities and to encourage and create conditions for local community to participate in the affairs of the District Municipality by:

  • Establishing the necessary mechanisms, processes and procedures for community participation.
  • Creating and revising appropriate policy and rules.
  • Organise regular meetings and workshops.
  • Co-ordinating Portfolio Task Teams area wide .
  • Representing the municipality in the absence of the elected task team member.
  • In conjunction with the Speaker hosting provincial task team engagements in the absence of the elected task team member.
  • To build trust and credibility and to keep emotions, human energy and conflicts focused on substantive issues.

Monitoring and Reporting

Manage and coordinate process of information gathering and research to craft municipality inputs by the Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager to:

  • Provincial Cabinet Lekgotla.
  • Presidential Imbizo`s.
  • Premiers Co-ordinating Forum.
  • District Co-ordinating Forum.
  • District Inter-governmental Relations Forum.
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