Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality

Infrastructure, Planning, Development & Housing

imageSenior Manager: Mr. H. Greeff

The Infrastructure, Development, Housing, and Planning unit in the District Municipality is responsible for:


  • Providing infrastructure related operation and maintenance assistance to the local municipalities.
  • Implementation and coordination of job creation projects under the Expanded Public Works Programme.
  • Implementation of the Rural Roads Asset Management System, by assessing and collecting road and trafffic data on municipal roads.

Local Economic Development

Enhancing local economic development in the district by establishing LED institutional and district operational structures and LEd policies.


Pixley ka Seme District Municipality has a Level 2 Housing Accreditation Status and in terms of the Municipal Accreditation Framework, the delegation function to the Municipality includes full programme and administration management which includes the following:

  • Project/or programme management.
  • Contract administration.
  • Monitoring database.
  • Programme Management.
  • Subsidy administration.
  • Technical (construction) quality assurance.


This unit is responsible for compiling and reviewing the District Integrated Development Plan and also assisting the local municipalities with spatial planning, this includes town planning ad building plan applications.

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