Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality

Office of the Municipal Manager

Municipal Manager: Mr. I. Visser

This office is responsible for the formation and development of an economical, effective, efficient and accountable administration, which is equipped to implement the IDP, operates within the municipality's performance management system.

  • Responsible and accountable for all income, expenditure and assets of the municipality.
  • The discharge of all liabilities of the municipality, proper and diligent compliance with all applicable legislations.
  • provision of guidance and leadership towards the achievement of strategic goals of the municipality.
  • Mantainance and sustainance of an economic, effective and accountable administration.
  • Staff appointments and management.
  • Implementation of performance management in the municipality.
  • Management of communication between political and administrative structures of the municipality.
  • Facilitation of development and implementation of the municipality's Integrated Development Plan.
  • Management of provision of qualitative services to communities in a sustainable and equitable manner.
  • Promotion of sound labour relations.
  • Advice the Executive Mayor, Mayoral Committee and other structures of council.
  • Hold regular management meetings with Senior managers.
  • Lobby and solicit additional funding for the municipality.
  • Fostering partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitor and control budget so that the expenditure is in line with the requirements and the IDP.
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