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Service Providers that submit quotations are requested to make sure that all quotation documents i.e. Tax Clearance Certificate, declaration of interest form (MBD 4) Click here, BBBEE certificate etc. be handed in and placed in the tender box at the Municipality.

RFQ 14-2020 Supply, Delivery and Assembly of Office Furniture 

Date added: 22/10/2020

RFQ 09-2020 - Supply and Delivery of STIHL chainsaws and other gardening tools 

Date added: 13/10/2020

RFQ 10-2020 - Supply and Delivery of Office Cleaning Equipments 

Date added: 13/10/2020

RFQ 11-2020 - Supply and Delivery of Laptops & Printer 

Date added: 13/10/2020

RFQ 12-2020 - Provision of conference facilities, catering and accomodation for strategic planning session 

Date added: 13/10/2020

TD 01-2020 Closing Register - Supply & Delivery of Personal Protective Clothing for EPWP 

Date added: 19/08/2020

TD 03-2020 Closing Register - Supply and Delivery of Personal Protective Clothing fow Law Enforcement Officers 

Date added: 19/08/2020

TD 02-2020 Closing Register - Provision of Short-Term Insurance 

Date added: 29/07/2020

TD 05-2020 - Supply, Delivery And Installation of a new server (Re-Advert) 

Date added: 09/07/2020

TD 02-2020 - Provision of Short-Term Insurance 

Date added: 19/06/2020

TD 01-2020 Supply and delivery of personalprotective equipment for EPWP 

Date added: 15/06/2020

TD03-2020 Supply and delivery of protective clothing for law enforcement officers 

Date added: 15/06/2020

Quote: RFQ 03/2020 - Design, Layout & Printing of Local Economic Development Strategy 

Date added: 10/06/2020

Quote: Tender Advert TD01, TD02, TD03 & TD04 

Date added: 11/06/2020

Quote: PKSDM Banking Details.pdf 

Date added: 11/06/2020

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